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Know about the different types of televisions

Television is the mass media of communicating the things. It is the most popular form of entertainment for many people. Television is the must have thing in anyone’s house. The television have advanced from a basic black and white television to the smart television which can listen to our voice commands. But buying a television in these days is a frustrating experience due to the huge number of models and brands. You will be in a dilemma to choose the television from any model and brand. It is tough to decide by understanding the differences and but the best one. There are many types of television based on the technology like quantum light emitting diode, OLED television, LED TVs, LCD TVs, plasma panels, direct TVs, Digital light processing televisions. Based on the resolution there are televisions with 720p TV, 1080p TV, 4K resolution TV, 8K resolution TV. Based on the screen style the televisions are flat screen and curved screen. Based on its features the televisions are divided into smart, high dynamic range, voice activated. You have to choose the television with best features. You have many brands and models of televisions at The Good Guys. You can also get guidance about the television features from them.

Types of television based on the technology

  • The quantum light emitting diode are the next generation for the LCD display television. The tiny nanoparticles are present in the display of the television are called as quantum dots. This quantum dots will improve the brightness and colour of the television display. The screens of these TVs last longer and are in larger size. They are at the affordable price than the OLED TVs.
  • The organic light emitting diode TVs display will contain the organic component that will emit the light which is due to the response to the electricity. The organic compounds are made of small molecules or polymers. The OLED tvs can display the deeper black colors than the LCD screens. The screens of OLED are thinner and lighter then the LCD tvs.
  • The biggest dissatisfaction of the OLED TVs is its life span. It may be long lasting but less when compared to the LCD TVs. The OLED TVs are pricey than the LCD TVs. The quality of the image is more in the OLED television when compared to LCD.


Before you buy a television, a careful analysis will make you to select the best television.

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