11 Factors for Choosing a PC Enclosure System Over an Industrial Computer

11 Benefits of a PC Enclosure System

1. Keep your current systems

Installation of a PC enclosure system allows you to keep your current computer network intact. Avoid disruption, downtime and the hassle of having to dispose of equipment.

If you consider the disruption and cost implications of removing your current computer network, installing new equipment and testing it, an enclosure offers you a much more cost-effective and time efficient solution.

2. Save money

Traditionally, dedicated industrial computers are expensive in comparison to a PC enclosure system, in some instances costing up to 50 percent more.

Additionally, the long-term savings are much more attractive because a computer enclosure can out live a dedicated, industrial PC by up to a decade.

Furthermore, investment in an enclosure is beneficial to your overall total cost of ownership. Essentially you’re only paying the purchase price and minimal maintenance costs.

Whereas the cost of installing a dedicated industrial computer expands beyond the purchase price. There’s installation costs to consider and maintenance charges, all of which will affect your bottom line.

3. Protect against dust, dirt, grime, oil, grease, water & explosions!

A PC enclosure system can protect against such damage threats just as well as an industrial computer, but for a fraction of the price.

Enclosures are manufactured to European Ingress Protection & International NEMA standards. IP and NEMA ratings determine what level of protection an enclosure provides against dust or water.

ATEX Zone 2 enclosures can be relied upon to protect computers in explosive environments.

4. Protect against physical impact

A PC enclosure system can protect against forceful impacts because they’re constructed from highly robust materials. Arguably, compared to a dedicated industrial computer, an enclosure provides better protection against tampering, vandalism and theft, because they can be bolted to a floor or wall.

5. Operate in extreme temperatures

Yes, a dedicated industrial computer can operate in extreme temperatures, but a PC enclosure system has one distinct advantage.

Should a heating or cooling system fail inside an industrial computer, it would need to be replaced or sent for repair. On the other hand, a similar system used in an enclosure can be quickly repaired on-site.

Additionally, because enclosures can be customised, you can determine the temperature extremes of an enclosure to suit your environment.

For example, a customised industrial enclosure, featuring insulation and an internal heating system, can keep enclosed equipment operating in temperatures as low as -30 degrees.

6. Use any conventional computer

Your business could have a diverse range of computer systems, but every one of them could be housed in a PC enclosure system.

7. Multipurpose

A PC enclosure system gives you many more options than a dedicated industrial computer. In addition to housing a PC tower, enclosures can house monitors, keyboards, printers, mice and touch screens.

8. Low maintenance

If something goes wrong internally with an industrial computer there’s nothing you can do, it needs to be repaired on-site by a specialist engineer.

This causes you severe disruption and, to add insult to injury, if it’s out of warranty you end up having to pay for those repairs.

Worse still, the engineer may shutdown production while works are carried out resulting in lost revenue.

In contrast, because an enclosure can house your conventional PC, any necessary upgrades or repairs can be performed in-house in minutes.

For example, the luxury of having an enclosure means that a heating or cooling system can be replaced on-site with minimal disruption and downtime.

9. Customisable

Enclosures can be manufactured to suit the demands of your industrial facility. You can choose from a variety of materials, including: powder coated mild steel and food grade (316) stainless steel.

Additionally, you can add heating and cooling systems if your facility is prone to extreme temperatures.

10. Reusable

If an industrial computer fails, beyond repair, that’s it you have to replace it, an expense you could do without. If a PC housed in an enclosure fails it’s ready to house the next PC. Potentially, a PC enclosure system could house multiple generations of equipment.

11. Convenience

An enclosure gives you the luxury of convenience. You can quickly upgrade hardware & software as they’re easy to access.

In contrast, some dedicated industrial PCs require a specialist engineer to upgrade software or hardware due to accessibility issues, resulting in added expense and further disruption.

The overriding benefit of a PC enclosure system, when compared to an industrial computer, is that you can do so much more with them for a fraction of the price. Long-term, an enclosure is a much wiser investment because they cost less and arguably, last longer.