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All You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Bags

With the increase in rate of environmental deterioration and use of non-biodegradable materials like plastic, people are now switching to more eco-friendly products like non-woven bags. They have become a widely used replacement for the plastic bags. Over the years, the use of plastic bags has created several problems in our ecosystem. One of the most popular solutions to this problem is the eco-friendly non-woven bags.

However, many people are curious and confused about how safe these non-woven bags for the environment are. To learn more about non-woven bags, you need to understand their manufacturing, fabric and how they are different from the normal plastic bags.

What are Non-Woven Bags?

Non-woven bags are made from non-woven PP Fabric that is polypropylene. This fabric is made from polypropylene fiber and spun which makes it breathable, smooth and soft. The fibre is taken into a moving web that arranges it randomly giving it a look similar to cotton. This process and fibre make the bags more light, soft, water resistant, washable, attractive and most importantly reusable.

Bags made from plastic have been banned in many countries. You will be amazed at the hooliganism that has resulted from plastic bags being banned in many countries. People replace plastic bags with nonwoven bags. Non-woven bags were rejected by many people because they did not care about the environment. Non-woven bags can be bio-degradable, while plastic bags cannot. This is why we should first use non-woven bags. They are Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Another advantage of using non-woven bags is they can be easily printed with a company logo or advertisement that can be used for branding. Even shoppers enjoy having these attractive bags that can also be a great gift. Non-woven bags are not only practical but can also become a great promotional tool. Get your own customized non-woven bag, Buy Full Color Printed Bags here.

PP Bags Vs. PE Bags

The polyethylene (PE) bags are the common plastic bags which are non-biodegradable and takes almost three hundred years to break down. Whereas the PP bags are much less stable chemical structure that makes it a biodegradable material and less harmful for the environment. People now are becoming aware of how PP bags are more nature friendly than PE bags thus making them more and more popular among masses.

Benefits of Using PP Non-Woven Bags

  • The manufacturing of non-woven bags is very economical. As the bags can be reused, it makes them cheaper. Also, there are many stores that charge for these bags from their customers which can help them earn some profit. Mostly companies print their logo or advertisement on these bags to promote their business.
  • Another major benefit of a non-woven bag is its durability. These bags last much longer than the PE bags and are less likely to be punctured, torn, broken or ripped. They are also fire-resistant and water-resistant giving it a longer life. Non-woven bags are conducive to extreme environments and can also be used as huge food bags to carry food items like flour or rice.
  • A good quality non-woven bag can be an amazing promotional tool for any kind of They can be used as stylish tote bags or shoulder bags. Being user friendly and eco-friendly, non-woven bags can bring great profit for any kind of business.
  • Non-woven bags are reusable which reduces the number of bags manufactured. They can be used for years and years and will still stay durable. In case they start or wear out or gets torn, you can use them as rugs or other clothing item for cleaning.

It is high time that we stop using plastic bags and switch to non-woven bags, which is a lot safer and sustainable.

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